FIBERTEK – Before & After Photos

At Fibertek we look forward to working with you or your insurance company. We have a 100 percent customer satisfaction rating, and we strive to be the best at what we do.

Boat fell on lift and gouged two big areas. Repaired and had them polish the little scratches out. Back in business.

Had a 6 inch hole thru the side. All the way through. And some stress cracks in the side corner. Had a tough time with color but got it as one side is different from the other.

Happy Easter! !! Got 6 painted so far today. It's spring and here comes the golf carts....

Rebuilt a swim platform that was completely rotted. We made a half inch thicker it goes to a 33 carver. Came in weighing about 50 pounds and left at about 375 pounds. Brand new again.

We don't band aid transoms. We replace the whole transom. I've been told this is a waste of time and labor. Well I sleep at night!!!!

Like old times.. this 650i m3 is what we used to work on so when customers bring you there high dollar European vehicles to have them fixed it makes me extactic!!! Miss working on cars sometimes but this gives me my fix for now.

PWC with breaks/scrapes on bow.

Bass boat bottom repair.

New skeg welded on –  no filler all aluminum – ready to refinish.

PWC with damage and gouged top.

3 flake colors. After repair not able to see where flake started or stopped.

Seadoo gouge repaired.

Pontoon repair.

Left: After repairs. This boat had come off the trailer and gone for a ride down the road into a field. Done. . .   Right: PWC with damage and gouged bottom.

Left: Boat had a 2 foot crack and 6 inch spider crack. Owner was told by other shops that color and repair would be noticeable. He brought his well taken care of Nitro to FIBERTEK and couldn't believe that the repair was not visible. The trailer brace reflects the repaired area.     Right: This boat got a whole new bottom after being caught on shore rocks. It tore the Chinese off and several holes and gouges. Brand new!!!!

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